“I approached CRST with the intention to transition my competitiveness from the football field to the office. CRST’s fast-paced work environment helped me build fun and competitive work relationships. One thing I like about CRST is the wide range of age groups that all have one goal …TO BE SUCCESSFUL. I would recommend CRST to anyone looking for a fast-paced, fun and competitive work environment.”
– Andre Dawson, CRST Dedicated Services, Inc.

“Working at CRST has created some incredible opportunities for me. I have gained experience in several different divisions of the company, growing my industry knowledge and developing my strengths. I had the flexibility to go back to school to earn my Master’s degree while continuing to contribute at work. I am working with some of the greatest people who help encourage me to meet my potential each day.”
– Liz Blood, CRST Dedicated Services
“Upon joining CRST, I was not sure what to expect or where my career would take me. Quickly, I realized I was employed by one of the nation’s leading transportation companies that offers the opportunity and support for career development and advancement. Over the last five years, I have been afforded multiple advancement opportunities and I am able to work together with colleagues to design ‘work smarter’ approaches and resolve issues within a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. I am proud to be a member of the CRST family.”
– Natane Boll, CRST Lincoln Sales and Service
“When I joined CRST in 2012, I was looking for a career, not just a job. During the last five years, I have been provided multiple opportunities to grow and expand my skills within Human Resources. My favorite part about working at CRST is the fast-paced, supportive environment and being challenged by my work and those around me.”
– Katie Stadheim, CRST International, Inc