Reverse Logistics

STI is known for our specialized delivery services, but many of our capabilities are also used to solve difficult or complex situations after Scanningthe sale, such as asset recovery, returns, and product disposition management. Some items may require special equipment for loading, or may just be located across North America in a difficult to reach area. In many cases, reverse orders include multiple steps that can be difficult to coordinate as well as execute.

When clients need to accept a return, or even multiple returns, they look to STI to handle the logistics. We bring our high standard of quality to the planning and execution of your returns. This means that we utilize our expert drivers, if appropriate, to provide onsite receipt confirmation, condition assessment, expert load-in, safe transport, and secure storage. Finally, we provide visibility and inventory management through technology and online access to information.

STI understands that the complexities of logistics don’t always end at delivery. We are here for you on the other side as well, so contact us to help you coordinate your reverse logistics. If you need to accept a return—or multiple returns—look to STI. We can handle the logistics and solve other complex situations after the sale, from asset recovery to product management.