STI’s supply chain execution leads the industry by incorporating agile technology. Our proprietary application technology, developed by an internal team of IT professionals, integrates every link in the chain. At a quick glance, our proprietary application technology incorporates the following components:

  • Inventory management and serialized bar-coding
  • Order management and feedback
  • Document imaging and retrieval
  • Online tracking and visibility

Each of the areas above serves as a piece of our overall strategy to precisely execute even the most complicated supply chain solutions. The thread running through the entire process is full awareness. This gives us the ability to track each individual item of every shipment, giving us true, intelligent visibility that we extend to our clients and customers.

By utilizing serialized bar-coding technology, we track every part of every shipment down to the individual article, not just the skid. We know where every item in our system is at any time, whether it is in storage, transit, or the hands of an end recipient. Likewise, we collect and track all documentation pertaining to a shipment, such as invoices, packing slips, and proof of delivery. Beyond the actual delivery, we follow up by collecting and tracking feedback on our services.

The end result is its effect on our customers, the ultimate benefactors of STI’s supply chain execution technology. We make our intelligence yours by Specialized Mobileproviding access to the visibility afforded by our technology. Through our simple online portal or mobile applications, you can monitor the status of your supply chain.

Working with STI brings full awareness to supply chain execution.